Alterra Resorts for Bloomberg Businessweek

I grew up in Montreal, got my first pair of skis when I could walk, and have been snowboarding for about 20 years now. I love snow and winter and snowboarding more than life itself. Back in January, I got a dream assignment from Bloomberg Businessweek to head to Steamboat Springs to photograph the CEO and COO of Alterra Resorts, the spirited and quick-moving company behind the Ikon Pass.

As a long-time rider of Squaw/Alpine in Lake Tahoe (owned by Alterra) I was so so very excited to meet the folks behind my beloved ski pass. Instead of bluebird weather we got the flattest light and big snowflakes (except for .2 seconds in the morning), so the flash came out. I like flash. It’s fun in the snow. I decided to shoot Rusty (CEO) and Dave (COO) in Steamboat’s famous glades, but the trees were preventing the flakes from falling and the guys looked a little too... pristine. So I timidly asked “... can we chuck a bunch of snow on you guys?”, they were game, put on their goggles, and the marketing manager of Steamboat, my assistant Chet Strange, and I got to literally pummel the CEO and COO with snow for a solid 5 minutes while I photographed them.

Also pictured: Steamboat’s safety mascot, Powder, a dopey St. Bernard who thinks she’s a lap dog and looooooves the riding in the gondola and rolling around in the snow. Thank you Stephanie for one of my favorite assignments in a minute and everyone at Steamboat Resort for the amazing hospitality.