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Amelia Boone for Runner’s World

Amelia Boone for the cover of Runner’s World. A big huge thank you to Amy Wolff and Jesse Southerland at RW for the project.

Runners World recently changed hands from Rodale to Hearst, and with that came a dramatically new creative direction. Amy and Jesse have moved past depicting perfect runners in the perfect pose with perfect hair and grooming (I dunno about you but I kinda look fairly haggard when riding and only occasionally rock eyeliner when I am able to find the time). Though it was a cover shoot, Amy and Jesse specifically said “don’t shoot for the cover”, and go do your thing, which was liberating to hear.

My assistant, Dane Pollok, and I had a silly hyper-over-caffeinated car ride over to the trail to the point where I forgot we were even about to go shoot a cover, but then I pulled it together, Amelia was amazing and truly down to run wherever was needed, many times over (no matter how many times I said “ok I think just one more time”), and we had a lovely and mellow afternoon.

Amelia has been on the RW cover before, was loving the fact that the crew was just the three of us, and that there wasn’t a hair and makeup stylist touching up her lip gloss between takes. At the end she was like “I don’t even think I’ve been on a shoot where they didn’t use a reflector”, and I was like “haha lols”. Hard shadows hard shadows hard shadows why do u need to open up ur shadows??! Keep em closed! Where’s the drama!?!