Angler SF for Esquire

Esquire’s best new restaurant of the year, Angler, is in San Francisco right on the Embarcadero and happens to be a ten minute bike ride from my house. But I drove there because I had a lot of lighting equipment. I have a bit of a funny high/low when it comes to photographing restaurants—I mostly cook at home cause I really enjoy it and cringe at spending more than $20 going out to eat—but then sometimes shoot these very very nice restaurants with very very nice food and it’s kind of like sitting inside a Ferrari for a second before going back to my VW. That said, Angler has some absolutely gorgeous dishes prepared with such love and precision. They spare no expense on making the entire dining experience memorable, and their ENTIRE staff was incredibly welcoming and hospitable. Extra thanks to culinary director Jonathan de Wolf who was the most lovely and easygoing dude to work with, and Justin O’Neill at Esquire for the assignment.