Blowing Up The Workshop 92 ◆ Kohwi

I love mixes and DJ sets because they often require a patience and willingness to see things through, sometimes for over an hour or more. They’re the opposite of the immediacy of a four-minute earworm club banger. There’s an element of journey that is involved, but when it works (it doesn’t always work) the payback is immense. As a listener, you need to let yourself be taken on the journey and resist the urge to skip next. This Kohwi mix drags you through what feels and sounds like a sparse area 51 desert, but is immensely rewarding once you arrive at the warehouse, where all the aliens are living, and it turns out they have good taste in music. I’d recommend listening on your commute, a drive, or an hour of time when you can just let this run through you. But don’t listen to it and attempt to do work.