Environmental guidelines on set 

What I’ve been writing to producers as we begin production on shoots. Feel free to copy/paste and if you have additions let me know.  

Also, it’s a big goal of mine for the shoots I’m on to be as environmentally friendly as possible:

- Can you please request in advance (so that folks flying in have time to pack for it) that all crew bring their own refillable bottles (both water and coffee) to set so we can not have any plastic single use floating around? I’m trying to push to eliminate single use plastic (drinking bottles and beyond) as much as possible.

- Request (but really mandate) that caterers offer reusable dishes/utensils.

- Have well-marked bins for recycling on set, not just one bin for trash. Bonus points if we can compost; I will happily take care of disposing the compost bag off set.

- I will be bringing a perfectly good hard drive for my copy of files to bring home, I’d love if client is able to bring a reliable/current but perfectly appropriate already in-use HD to take files home. Just trying to cut down on the number of brand new Lacie rugged drives that are at 20% capacity with only one shoot on them. I know it’s a bigger ask but if they’re comfortable with bringing a perfectly good drive with room for the shoot instead of adding another one to the mound of drives in the world, that’s awesome, thank you.