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Gavin Newsom for Rolling Stone

Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant Governor of California. Former Mayor of San Francisco. Photographed for Rolling Stone at Balboa Cafe in San Francisco. This shoot was a big deal for me, it happened last August on the day I ended up taking a redeye to Norway. Big day, that day.

Details are a little vague a year later but I think we had 30-45 minutes with Gavin. For these kind of shoots, I prep a lot more than when I have the whole day, or most of the day with someone, where you don’t have much time to allow for spontaneity. Luckily I knew Gavin had spent a lot of time in front of the lens so he wouldn’t need any time to warm up or normalize in front of the camera. I prescouted a couple days before, and had three shots I wanted to do. On the shoot day, we got started a little late but I took a risk and went for double or nothing by aiming for the three different setups including a two block sprint up the street to get the hill pitch I had scouted. Classic Fogust as well, so lighting and gelling and moving equipment around like you’re a short order cook. You prep and prep and preliight then a frenzy then poof, it’s over, and you’re standing there like “dang did that all really happen?”.

Gavin was kind and genial gentleman. No handler, just a solid handshake with one hand while holding a tall cup of coffee in the other, a “show up and tell me where you need me to stand” kind of guy. The rainbow portrait was an allusion to his leadership on same sex marriage in San Francisco; the prism I used now sits on my desk.