Google GWG

New work from a recent Google GWG (Grow With Google) project. We traveled to schools, startups, local businesses, and employment centers in Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City, and the Bay Area to document how students, educators, small businesses, and job seekers use Google products to improve their lives and businesses. This shoot was unique because it was commercial/advertising work, yet we photographed *real people* in *real places* living their *real lives*, so it felt much more editorial in nature. Tiny crew, fly on the wall, there to be present and capture the delights and eccentricities of the human spirit, as we all grow and work to be our best unique selves. We met amazing and kind people in each city, and I met the flouffy dog of my dreams, Boz, in OKC. The whole experience was quite touching, and it left me optimistic for our future in a time when it’s often hard to feel that way. Thank you to the team at Google.