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Jessy Lanza: Soft + Sweet

I’ve been a big big Jessy Lanza fan for a long time. I found her first album, Pull My Hair Back, a couple years ago as I was perusing the Hyperdub website. I tend to love their artists; they encapsulate the breadth of what ‘electronic’ music can be. Cooly G is on there as well, I love this album. I’m good at tangents. Jessy is a fellow Canadian, and hits this mix of deep, throbbing, low end house with floaty, dancy, feminine (whatever that means in 2018) vocals overlaid atop music to snap your fingers and wiggle hips to. Jessy put out this mix on Soundcloud and I’ve listened to it once a week ever since it came out. It’s literally perfect for anything. Breakfast. Snowboarding. Staring at a screen. Doing work. Not doing work. Evenings. Thank you, Jessy.