Katrina Lake for Elle

Katrina Lake, founder and CEO of Stitch Fix, photographed in SF for Elle. Fewer than 8 percent of all U.S. public market debuts in 2017 were led by women; Stitch Fix was the only tech IPO led by a woman last year. The other 92% were lead by tech bros vaping four loko in their ubers. JOkES. This was a funky shoot. The day before, I rode around and meticulously planned a 1.5 hr route in the city blocks near Katrina’s office, following the path of the sun, playing with light and shadow. Then we got out of hair/makeup/styling about 2ish hours behind schedule, so that whole plan went to shit, the sun was behind all the buildings, and Nicholas Albrecht and I lit everything we came across on the fly cause it was too late in the day to find much sun. Not my favorite way to work. Open shadows and a gridded beauty dish and all of a sudden I think I’m Art Streiber.