Mercury + Fullstop Dance

Woof. Releasing my latest video project today, almost a year after the last one with Tung Chiang at Health Ceramics. This project has been a long time coming, stretched over months of prep and editor. I’m still learning how much effort and time goes into these little three minute pieces.

I’ve been drawn to making a dance project ever since I started watching the New York Times ‘Speaking in Dance’ series. Through mutual friends I met Kathryn Florez and Katie Meyers of Fullstop Dance in San Francisco. We immediately struck a bond and were speaking the same language instantaneously. After several meetings and dropping into rehearsal, we set out to shoot this piece on a freezing cold August day at the beach in the Marin Headlands.

Kathryn and Katie had been rehearsing to many songs by Laurel Halo in studio, but ultimately the noise of the waves overpowered the little bluetooth speaker we brought with us. So the dance became fully improvisational, set to the ebb and flow of waves crashing into the sand, the dancers’ movements as a visceral conversation with environment, exploring the harmony and discord of a dreamlike state.

I hope you enjoy; please play *extremely loud*, as loud as possible.