Torrey Pines for enRoute

I headed down to Torrey Pines golf course to shoot one of the sports I’m least familiar with for enRoute Magazine. I do fancy myself a sportsball person in general and get endless enjoyment out of conveying the sense of athletics and the application of the body and mind in sports, so it kinda throws me when I’m severely unfamiliar with the sport because I don’t know how to convey how the athlete feels. And I like to be able to share that. My last golf shoot years ago was kind of a weird one where I felt like an outsider to the sport, so I couldn’t anticipate anything because I didn’t know the rituals and movements of the game, but things felt like they gelled a lot more on this quick trip down to San Diego. Thanks for Lori and the crew at enRoute for trusting me with this assignment, Trey and Tina for having me over to their house for some dope-ass carne asada and what turned into more of like a legit low-key kickback, and bless that California light 🙏