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Visible Cloaks: Reassemblage

I work by myself. I have no co-workers. My office is my house. I don’t talk to anyone unless I get on the phone or leave my house (which is often; I so like to stay sane). In the interim, music gets me through each and every day. I listen to music 6-10 hours a day. It is very important to me. I have opinions about it. I take immense delight in it. Music is not for background listening. You just need to find the right tunes to bring along for what you need. I will be sharing music of all sorts, for all moments, on here from time to time.

First up: Reassemblage, by Visible Cloaks. One of my favorite albums of last year. Wait. Don’t go start playing it right now. You need to be alone. You need to have time for yourself and be in no rush. You need to be in a dark car, or a sparingly lit room. It’s like floating inside a computer in Japan that’s slowly tumbling Mt. Fuji, gracefully landing in an Onsen as snow falls on a cloud that you are simultanouesly on top of and inside of. No album can get me as focused and meditative as this album. If you practice yoga on your own, try it to this album, it’s very transcendant (hi I live in California). K, namaste.